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Friday, April 17, 2009

When you want a chill night out...

Might I recommend going to a place with regular live music and just sitting there and relaxing with your favorite beverage. I think too many people don't do this enough and every time they make the effort they really enjoy the change of pace and experience (at least the 5 people I interviewed said so). Please don't save your music experiences for the blow out arena concert where you spend $60 for tickets that are nowhere near the stage, another $40 on food and beverages because it is always $9 beer night, and get stuck in traffic on your way home. Every town and city I have ever lived in has AT LEAST one place where live music is consistently offered - from completely free to one drink minimum to $8 to see 3 bands. Do it! It does not take more effort than going out to dinner or anything else you do so regularly it bores you.
For you New Yorkers, here are just a few approachable places where you can sit down and hear some great acts play:
The Living Room on the Lower East Side - has two stages and was the place where Norah Jones was 'discovered
Cake Shop on the Lower East Side
Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg
Here is a great web site that lists a lot of great venues with all of the necessary information: www.ohmyrochness.com/venues

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