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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Friendly Fires have moves I've never seen before!

I LOVED seeing the Friendly Fires at the Bowery Ballroom on March 27th. The lead singer's (Ed Macfarlane) dance moves were so infectious and just made you want to giggle a little at him but mostly bop around yourself. They win the showmanship award for Q1 2009 for sure. Ed's young Jagger-like moves were well supported by an energetic guitarist that taped his knobs so as not to have his dancing modify his sound - at one point he used a Dustbuster next to his guitar to make a funky sound.
As I am sure you are figuring out, my weakness is drummers, I consider them the working dog of any band, I mean think about Charlie Watts - he is the only one that is carrying the beat on time for The Stones anymore. The Friendly's drummer (Jack Savidge) was great no exception - so fast and emphatic, he worked up a gushing sweat but it was still cute if I dare say so. Unfortunately for all of you they are headed to Europe for the rest of the summer but check them out on MySpace and start by listening to 'Jump in the Pool', 'White Diamonds' and 'Paris'. Keep this UK band on your radar.
The added bonus is I got to interview the lead singer and guitarist after the show. He admitted to liking New York far more on this second trip, probably because they had a much bigger following and only two shows rather than a week of tiny venues. They had stayed out all night after their show the night before and the singer said he was worried about the wailing needed for 'Paris'. He also admitted the crap shoot that jumping into the crowd can be, which he did for their encore song, "I fully expect to get something thrown at my face and/or grabbed inappropriately but fuck it, do it anyway." We got to talking about Australia, where his parents now live, and if any of you ever go to Adelaide, on top of visiting the many vineyards, head to B Sharp Records, one of the last great independent record stores. I am still kicking myself for not going to Union Hall where their drummers was going to DJ before they headed to Boston for a gig. Let me know if any of you happened to be at Union Hall on the 27th, I want to know how Jack did.

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