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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The meaning behind Broken Tambourine

Where did I get the name Broken Tambourine, is that what you asked? Well I shall answer then:
I like the name, that is it. It came to me at 2am and ultimately won over all the other names I had on the list of possibilities:
- Music Liquor
- Frontman School
- Deedeet
- A band apart
It is not meant to have a negative connotation, nothing about music is broken for me. I think more of a great concert where everyone on stage is working their ass off on stage and the passionate percussionist is playing so hard he breaks his tambourine. You say more cowbell, I say more tambourine. 
The second thing I think about is Stevie Nicks, the tambourine is the only thing she can play. Go look her up and see how many pictures of her have a tambourine in them, it is pretty funny.
The picture I use a lot is a picture of a sculpture called "Boy with a Broken Tambourine" by American artist Thomas Crawford in 1854. So there is some history in my selection as well.
For my own entertainment and now hopefully for yours, here is what popped up when I typed in 'tambourine' and then 'broken tambourine' into the Google search bar:
"There is no such thing as a broken tambourine"- in a song by Arcade Fire (I just found this lyric when browsing other blogs, so thanks Andrew)
- Some mom filming her kid who stepped through a tambourine on YouTube
- The singer Eve has a song called Tambourine. One of her profound lyrics: "Shake ur tambourine go n get ur self a pito now (pito is a whistle in Spanish). The ridiculous video can be seen here if you so dare.
- This book
Finally, Wikipedia's explanation of the tambourine. So everyone, keep banging it out until you end up with a broken tambourine.

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