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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Been Singing to Your Ipod in Public Lately?

If so, continue to do it because it is so damn entertaining to everyone else around you and it never ceases to amaze us what song inspired you so much that you would belt it out regardless of how many people can hear you.
Personal mobile music has really revolutionized the mundane tasks and transportation time for our society, especially urban dwellers. Have to go to the grocery? Why don't you rock out to The Killers while you review apples for bruises. Have to take the subway 12 stops to work everyday? Make a playlist that puts you at ease and prepares you for another day of trying not to kill your office mate. I think everyone realizes the impact of these portable music devices, even those of you still rocking a portable CD player - I am just saying you should start singing audibly to the tunes, make it more fun for everyone else. I may shoot you a look of annoyance but really I am giggling on the inside.
If you want to get more profound about the societal impact of portable music, think about this Sci-fi plot concept: a virus that can pass through earphone speakers that renders you brain dead or something more gruesome like sends you on a murderous rampage! No joke, I went one a date with a guy that offered this idea up to me as an excuse for not using earphone speakers at all. He got a buddy hug at the end of the night and no returned phone calls but I did get a good story out of it that I now get to share with you.


  1. I have a serious problem. I cannot listen to music without singing or mouthing the lyrics. The iPod has only drawn attention to my affliction and makes for some awkward moments at the gym or on the subway. Riding the subway alone at night is my favorite place for a music montage. It always makes me feel like I am in my own music video. It is totally worth the embarassment.

  2. i thought a lot about the societal impact of the ipod revolution circa january 2005 when everyone and their commuting dads scored one for christmas. the pub trans ride was awesome for a while and then became a bit.. detached??? i suppose that's the point: stepping away from the mundane into something detached from the boring reality of a daily chore. however, i also found that my random conversation score plummeted (something i so adore about urban dwelling) and i eventually gave it up as it made me feel weird to see everyone, aged 10 to 60 wearing white ear phones and rocking their heads rhythmically but independently. don't know if it was the crap technological deficit of 70% of ipods, a dwindling fad or a concerted decision but there are far fewer headphones on the same trains these days. i think it's time to revisit public ipod listening if only for the singing!