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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The kid had a rattail

I went to see a few bands at NYC's Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side on March 30th. The main act was a much talked band about amongst the nerdy indie music writers called Wavves, which is essentially this kid Nathan Williams from San Diego. His most distinctive feature was his rattail coming out of his no bend hat. I am serious, a rattail. I mean, who didn't have a crush in 5th grade that rocked a rattail but after that awkward stage didn't everyone figure out it was a haircut that was only suited for Germans, whose national hairstyle is the mullet anyway, or maybe the Dutch? I am spending so much time on the rattail because I don't have much else to say about the Wavves. I could have spent my $10 on the NJ Transit to go to a Jersey suburb and eavesdropped on some high school kids banging on instruments they got for Christmas last year and it would have been the same experience. Yeah, it sounded like that, which wasn't even like the recorded stuff. But as always, make your own mind up about them by listening to them on MySpace
On a different note, Vampire Hands out of Minneapolis opened for The rattail and they had a few good songs, largely because they play with two drummers and we all know my weakness for drummers by now. My favorite song of theirs was their opener 'Invisible Stairs'
Hey ladies - the Mercury Lounge is pretty duderific, go see a show and meet some unapproachable indie guys.

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