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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big fan of The Pomegranates

Everyone - go check out The Pomegranates.
I saw them play along with The French Kicks (kudos for having a very tall lead singer, this tall indie girl appreciates the evolution of the species) at The Bell House in Brooklyn on February 21st. Also check out the venue, it will very likely be one of my favorites despite it being blocks and blocks from the Subway - Click HERE
How can you not at least pay attention to a band that comes out wearing jumpsuits, a little bit o' colored face paint on their cheeks, one singer that looks like Elrond's lost son from Lord of the Rings, and a drummer that has a whole new way of dancing while stile drumming? I am also a sucker for bands that switch positions on stage and show their versatility and musicianship.
Their album comes out April 14th. Check out a few of the new songs for mere pennies using digital and mp3 download site www.lala.com. Enjoying good music just got a lot more accessible.

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