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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pleasure overload with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Waiting in the cold for over an hour was worth it. Waiting for another 3 hours inside and standing for two of them was also worth it. Because when Karen O came out wearing a turquoise, red, and white kimono with matching make-up, it was all worth it. I JUST attended the Yeah Yeah Yeahs first show of their tour at Santos Party House on 100 Lafayette in NYC. They played Saturday Night Live last night and this show was not widely announced, I heard about through a few blogs and was very weary of my ability to get any tickets. Not only did we get tickets but I was one person back and 3 feet from the stage.
Being able to see this front woman perform so close was just incredible. The band sounded great, they flowed from one song to the next, but everyone kept their eye on her the whole time. She was smiling the whole time, even while she was screaming through 'Down Boy' or playing that love song 'Maps' that you can't help but loving. She let everyone know she was having a blast up there; you singers trying to master the pout take note. Other than a few overeager moshing-prone fans, it was just a great concert experience shared with only 300 people at most; Andy Samberg, Spike Jonze and a cast of characters that likely litter the art, music, and movie scene included. Quick note of caution: the alcohol at Santos is at airport prices, buyer beware.
Brief shout out to the opening act the Fresh Kills. You were in a tough position, not only were you the opening act but you had to play in front of some die hard Yeah Yeah Yeah fans that were REALLY only there to see them. Nice try.

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