Quips and summaries from experiencing and appreciating music in a city that is as foreign and familiar as they come - New York. So here is to music anywhere and everywhere. Starting from concert one on week one after the move in 2009.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Phosphorescent + Willie Nelson songs + great musicians all with Kentucky backwoods beards + Matthew Houck believing and emphatically singing every word = the surprise concert to beat in 2009 - Bell House 2/28/2009.  He pretty much sang every song like it was his favorite. He embodied this whole young, hipster, well-educated with their russian lit references, parents that have never grown up or have become the worst kind of grown up, 'I have so many choices so I am going to make none for now' genre that it was just awesome. So keep singing Matthew and come back to Brooklyn soon.
Other bands played before Phosphorescent - Motel, Motel. Check them out on MySPace HERE: Another band played with them but all I wrote down was the lead singer's shirt "Of Shit! Bang Bang" I have been looking for it on a funny T-shirt web site called Bustedtees without any luck. Holler at me if you find the shirt.

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