Quips and summaries from experiencing and appreciating music in a city that is as foreign and familiar as they come - New York. So here is to music anywhere and everywhere. Starting from concert one on week one after the move in 2009.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

She Goes...

I can't believe I have not shared this playlist yet (at the top of the page or if I have moved it, just write a comment asking to get the link sent to you). I have been building and listening to it this entire year. Now that the year is almost over, somebody call me if you find 2009 btw, I think I should be a nice little girl and share. I end up listening to this playlist most nights as I bump around my room getting ready for bed, whether drunk or just exhausted. It clearly displays my love for both Ryan Adams and his Whiskeytown days but you will find some newcomers, especially as you get down the playlist.
If you want to buy a few albums that are chill, good for hanging around the house, an afternoon party, or while trying to drown out the crying baby and flight attendants when flying to wherever you need to go to really feel home during the holiday season, try these:
(Artist, Album Name)
- Swell Season, Strict Joy
- Paolo Nutini, Sunny Side Up
- Mark Knopler & Emmylou Harris, All the Roadrunning
- Bon Iver, either album
- Iron & Wine, any album
- Atlas Sound, Logos (solo album of the frontman of Deerhunter)
- Ane Brun, Changing of the Seasons

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