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Friday, November 6, 2009

My Pet Project: A Good Christmas Gift

Here friends, meet a good gift.
With the giving/gifting season approaching along with a bigger pant size, I thought I would share one of the better gifts I have received this year. A very good friend gave me this Ticket Stub Diary when I moved to New York and it fit me and my interests perfectly, obviously. Over the years I have not kept as many ticket stubs of great concerts as I have wanted to so this gift was an opportunity to start cataloguing my ventures regularly and it has done a wonderful job. I put all kinds of tickets in here - Top of the Rock and museum entrance receipts, sports games, print out tickets, etc. I also put in any remaining stubs I had floating around my childhood home. Looking through the book says A LOT about me and my tastes.
So as you start thinking and then ultimately panicking and scrounging up last minute gifts for the people on your list, be a little creative and think of the simple charmers, the gifts that reflect that person - how you know them and what you like about them most. (Maybe pick up a few of these diaries for the inevitable people that get you a gift when you had them nowhere near your gift list - you chump).

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