Quips and summaries from experiencing and appreciating music in a city that is as foreign and familiar as they come - New York. So here is to music anywhere and everywhere. Starting from concert one on week one after the move in 2009.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

They came from Canada

Officially, my first concert in NYC was the Sam Roberts Band at the Bowery Ballroom on February 19th, 2009. Mother, Mother opened up - which is all I choose to say about them. I can explain my void of concerts in January, I swear! - I had to move from D.C., go immediately back for the inauguration, and then vacation in India for 2 weeks with my two best friends - ask me about it, that country is incredible.
It is always great to go to a concert with a true and loyal fan which is what I did for this concert - I went with my oft partner in crime and new NYC import cousin that has loved Sam & company for years. She got me into them back when she lived in LA, largely because he sang some songs in French and that is just a personal crowd pleaser, even if he is from America's hat and not a true Francophone. 
So my thoughts - he wore a complete joutfit but managed to make it look great, think Tim Riggins-like ability, and the veins in his neck practically jumped out at you when he really started wailing. Their keyboardist rocked it the whole time and it certainly helped that he looked like he could also compete in the Greco-Roman Olympics. You could tell they were thrilled to play in front of a pretty big audience in the U.S.  For whatever reasons that are beyond me the Sam Roberts Band has never quite gotten the same love in the U.S. as they do from the loft apartment above our party - Canada. So to you music supervisors or collaborating seeking producers - go find Sam. K-os did and that 'Valhalla' song of his that he did with Sam is just bangarang. Check K-os HERE for free on Lala.
I also remember this first concert night, prima nocta, as the night that ended in crashing an engagement party at Half King, which is owned by the author of 'Perfect Storm'. We were serenaded by the groom-to-be; he had been in a semi-famous '80s band, name is unimportant.
So the Bowery Ballroom got another V-card swipe and will always have a special place in this newbie's heart. 

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