Quips and summaries from experiencing and appreciating music in a city that is as foreign and familiar as they come - New York. So here is to music anywhere and everywhere. Starting from concert one on week one after the move in 2009.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Step 1 - Unpack the U-haul, Step 2 - Beer, Step 3 - Buy concert tickets

"After carefully considering the situation..." I moved to New York. I moved to New York for music, to appreciate it more than create it, absorb it, assess it, and spit it back out in quips and summaries. I can only hope the ultimate product will not only make for great storytelling (also a pastime of mine), destroyed ear drums, a thorough education in frontman school, and maybe even a career that won't make me coffee table talk for my proud mother bit is damn fun; I am sure she will get over it.
So come join me... "Tell me where you been and I'll tell you where I've been and it will all be OK".

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