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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LCD Soundsystem is Coming!

I admit, I am a new devotee to LCD Soundsystem though I am glad I am getting into them right before their next album comes out and hopefully(!) make it to see them at the Coachella festival - both in April. I had known about LCD Soundsystem, most notably their song "Daft Punk is Coming to My House" (it was stuck in my head for days! days! a few months ago), though I have to admit I did not know much. For example, I did not know that the producer that IS LCD Soundsystem is James Murphy, who is also the co-founder of DFA Records and at one time was hired as a writer for Seinfeld, though he quite to pursue music because he didn't think the show would be successful (reruns must make him cringe to this day).
Here is a clip from the LCD Soundsytem web site about the upcoming album. I can't exactly tell you why I like it so much, the funny part at the end maybe? I can tell you it started an entire week of only listening to LCD Soundsystem, watching videos and live shows on You Tube and it added another point for team Coachella on what music festivals to attend this year - don't worry Jazzfest, I don't think I can miss another year of your dirty bourbon and hot sauce with music goodness.

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  1. love, love them! Anything DFA is a-okay in my book. Who you going to Coachella with? I wanna go so badly...